Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 2 Picks

Hopefully this ridiculous week 1 is behind us and we can look foward to week 2.

Plays locked in so far:
USC -7 *1 unit L
Auburn -14 *1 unit W
Texas Tech -28 *1 unit W
Penn State -29 *2 units L
Florida -36.5 *1.5 units W

Luckily, my georgia tech bet never registered
Overall record 3-2 +.5 units


  1. this game looks a bit tough IMO. ohio state playing at home with a freshman qb on the road playing a decent team. i think this past weekend ohio state was caught looking forward to this game vs usc which was why the game was so close. that's just what i think at first glance

  2. dshaw pretty much said what i was gonnna say. Looks like easy money, the flash and dash of USC vs. the best team in a terrible conference. I have no doubt that USC is a better team and they may very well run over tOSU. However beware the freshman QB playing at one of the toughest places to play in the country. If I had to pick I'd take USC laying the points but I'm gonna leave this game alone this week.