Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Pick 5 System

I've been doing a bit of research for the upcoming NFL season, and decided that I have found a capper/system that I will be using. He is the same guy that came up with his computer picks for the 2 game RL chase system in the MLB this season that I followed.

He has been using his pick 3 system for a while now, which is a computer system that pulls 3 games for him each week based on the filters he has programmed. I am not sure what filters he uses as these are not published, but this system has been performing consistently well for a while now, and last year was his first year picking 5 games instead of 3 to see what would happen. The 5 picks come out of the same program, and by season's end his units won were double that of the pick 3.

Pick 3 for 08 went 29-20-2 59.18% +$3500
Pick 5 for 08 went 51-32-2 61.45% +$7900
All picks are 1 unit each and he used $500 units.

I will be playing these 5 picks every week while laying off any other bets and bumping up my unit amount for the NFL. I'll post the 5 picks here every week if anyone is interested.

Hopefully this season is no different from past seasons, as he uses computer picks for NBA, NFL, and MLB. He's been quite successful in all sports, and after following him for a while as well as reading other people's thoughts on him who have followed him in the past, I've become a fan.

Thoughts anyone?


  1. I've followed plenty of people in the past. Just don't be mad if they have a bad run. Its also tough if they somehow get different lines than you can get. But just try to play everything exactly the same if you're gonna follow. Whats his handle and I assume hes on theRX? Whats he got this week?

  2. Sounds good Tim. Post them here every week if you can.

  3. Albert, his handle is MisterMJ and he's on the RX.