Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ready to roll

just loaded up my account for 500 and got a 25% bonus on bookmaker. Its 25TOGO for the promo code. Dunno if its only available to certain people cuz I've placed so many bets there but if anyone deposits into bookmaker you can try out that code and see if it works. Theres a 5x rollover though. I think I'm gonna roll with $25 units.

I'm almost certainly taking Texas -41 and Texas 1st half (when they post 1st half lines). I'll post when I make it official and for how many units.


  1. Albert, do you always cap your own games, or do you follow some people on forums or anything?

  2. its a mix. I look at forums and see what people are saying and usually do a selection based on my own personal opinions and what i see on forums.