Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Week 1 Picks

Just got the email from him for the pick 5 this week. BTW, his pick 3 picks are listed on the RX as well as his forum here. It looks like his pick 3's are the same as the first 3 of the pick 5 and he just pulls 2 more picks from his program.

Not known for ever collecting money, he is accepting $25 dollar donations in order to get the pick 5's. This $25 is for the whole season, not each week. He was offered money by someone other than just his regular followers to privatize his picks, and in order to make it a bit easier to access he's only asking for $25 rather than make us pay someone else a larger amount. Seeing as how he made me quite a bit of money in MLB and the fact that $25 is not that much for a whole season i gladly paid it.

Picks are as follows and all are to win 1 unit.

Philladelphia v Carolina: Under 43.5 L

Denver v Cincinnati: Cincinnati: -4 L

Dallas v Tampa Bay: Under 39 L

San Fransisco v Arizona: San Fransisco +6 W

San Fransisco v Arizona: Under 46 W

Week 1: 2-3 *-1.3 units
2-3 *-1.3 units


  1. A word of advice since you're on theRX... I noticed MistaFlava has migrated over there. That guy is a joke. Don't ever follow him regardless of whatever his record says.

  2. What other forums do you look at?