Thursday, September 10, 2009

This week

A few thoughts. I'm on Clemson +5.5 tonight for 2 units. I also like Titans and the over tonight. If Tenn gets to 7 I might have to hit that.

I was lookin at NFL lines and Minnesota -3 looks so obvious that I wonder if its a trap. Of course we all think Favre is non stop comedy (which he is) but Minnesota is a good team. If you can run the ball and get to the QB in the NFL you're better than most everyone already. Fierce pass rush vs. a young QB is tempting. I think this line will only go up and I can't see how it won't be a popular play this week. I think I'm gonna wait and if this line doesn't move I'm gonna lay off cuz it will be too fishy. If Minn wins I think they'll win by two scores easily so I don't mind if the line moves on me. Don't get that line at all.

Update: For the rest of my NFL picks just gonna tail the system picks from above, flat bet each for 2 units. Didn't have much time to do a lot of research for CFB so I went with some concensus picks.

Clemson +5.5 [2 units] W
Texas -32 [1 unit] L
UNC -4.5 [1 unit] L
Fresno +8.5 [1 unit] W
Pitt -10 (-120) [1 unit] W
TCU -11 [1 unit] W

Titans +7 (-120) [1 unit] W
system picks 2 units each (2-3)


  1. share your thoughts on clemson please

  2. Thursday night SEC madness. Back and forth games are the norm for these primetime games for whatever reason. SEC is always tight and I don't see GTech being that much better. They'll both stick to the ground game and CJ Spiller is a boss.

  3. spiller is sick, i agree. gl tonight. i'll be on gtech for 2 units. at least one of us will win. BOL

  4. Well this is going well for one of us right now.

  5. man gg. what a comeback by clemson. the poise by that young qb. and ga tech a whole diff team 2nd half.

  6. Yeah I got lucky. I posted that comment when GTech jumped out big and figured I was done. Those Thurs night espn games are always a bit nuts for whatever reason.