Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CFB Week 1

Just addded first plays. I'll add to this post as I add more:

Texas -41 [2 units] L
Texas 1H -24 (-115) [1 unit] W
OU -22.5 [1 unit] L
Cincy +6 [.5 unit] W
Cincy ML +195 [.5 unit] W
Alabama -6 [1 unit] (might add more to this, i don't understand this line.... updated, gonna stick with just 1 unit) W
Minnesota -6.5 [1 unit] L
Minnesota -7 [1 unit] L
UNT/Ball State O58 [1 unit] L
Illinois -6.5 [2 units] L
Auburn -13.5 [1 unit] W
No. Illinois v. Wisc U50 [.5 unit] W
W. Michigan v. Mich O53 [1 unit] L

Everything is -110 unless otherwise stated.


  1. bert, can you buy points on bookmaker? im lookin at the lines there right now and they are both at -41.5 and -24.5

  2. You can buy points. I didn't buy points though. Those were the standard lines when I placed the bets, the -41 is (-110)

  3. bama coming with a new qb and i think the line is where it's at due to bama crushing clemson last year? i may be mistaken. i think vtech has a chance to cover this actually

  4. bol though i like texas and ou

  5. Will Va Tech even be able to score double digit points? Bama D is stout and they're at home. Va Tech offense is constant 3 and outs and their D can only withstand that for so long.

  6. I admit I have a bias against Va Tech just cuz I think they're overrated every year. They're always the same team but somehow always start the year as a top 15 team. Good D, pitiful offense and they stick around to battle for the ACC every year cuz that conference sucks. Whenever they have their tough conference games at home then they have a decent season in spite of their inability to complete passes greater than 5 yards.

  7. haha agreed with va tech being overrated. I just see some value in there va tech. I think if bama didn't blowout clemson last year. the line should be around -3 bama on a neutral field. Definitely see a low score game with va tech getting almost a TD was pretty good. Also i think va tech lost their RB too.

    Bama's qb isn't a complete rookie which is good. After a few games we'll see what they can do. I think bama and lsu could be some sleepers this year