Thursday, September 3, 2009

Someone explain this to me

Whats with all the Irish love? I'm seeing it with yalls picks and I'm seeing it on forums too. I've seen people say they liked how ND looked at the end of the season. Are they getting that much respect cuz they beat up on Hawaii in the bowl game, cuz ND pretty much shit the bed down the stretch before having a good showing in the bowl. Why does everyone expect so much improvement from them this year? Nevada may not be a major conference team but honestly is ND? Nevada might just be able to win this game outright because what evidence do we even have that the Irish can stop Nevada's run game. Reno returns a lot of the same starters from a pretty salty offensive attack. Why is ND laying 2 TD's and why is everyone all over their nuts?


  1. two words, bert. Cheeseburger Charlie. Make or break year for him.

  2. the talent gap between the 2 teams is much wider than ppl think. i think ND will be a play on team this year. i guess we can only see. non-bcs vs true bcs. defense is suspect but nevada's defense is far worse. we shall see though