Sunday, August 23, 2009

LSU v Wash St.

line right now is LSU -16.5. I haven't done much research, but from what i've been reading and hearing it kind of sounds like LSU is a pretty good choice for a dark horse this year. With their athleticism, and how bad of a team Wazzou is, I feel like LSU will cover that and more.

What do you guys think? Has Wash St improved a lot from last year, or are they still just as bad.


  1. This may be a hard game to bet on since this game doesn't exist.

    LSU, however, does play the University of Washington. Washington should be pretty decent this year, and might give the Tigers a run for their money. This should be a break-out year for their QB Jake Locker, and this program is on the way up with the firing of Notre Dame's favorite scapegoat and the hiring of their new coach Sarkisian.

    Coach Sarkisian is an avid twitter user. You should tweet @ him and ask him if he thinks his team will cover the spread or not.

  2. lol my mistake. didnt notice it was wash u. good input man.

  3. UW does suck. if you pick any side on this game LSU is def the way to go