Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NBA System

Albert said...

Basically its if a team goes on a 4+ game road trip, then comes back home for one game, and then plays a road game again the next night. You bet against that team on the home game and the B2B game on the road. The home game is basically another road game for the team but the line is inflated since they're at "home". Make sense?

So I looked through all the schedules and compiled a list for this system. I remember albert saying there are usually about 6 plays a year, but this season I found 14. I did have a question though. If the team goes on a road trip, but has a day or 2 of rest before they play their home game, does that make the play void? If so, there are no plays this season as every team that has a 4+ roadtrip has at least one day of rest before their next home game. Anybody have any ideas?

Anyways, if anyone is interested here is the list. First game that qualifies is pretty soon.

Home team is in parenthesis so bet team in blue. All teams have a road game the very next night after the home game.

Tue, Nov 10 Portland (Memphis) 5 games away, rest 2

Wed, Nov 11 New Orleans (phoenix) 5 games away, rest 1

Wed, Nov 18 Toronto (Utah) 4 games away, rest 3

Sat, Dec 5 Sacramento (phoenix) 4 games away, rest 2

Tue, Dec 22 Philadelphia (Washington) 4 games away, rest 2

Tue, Dec 29 Cleveland (Atlanta) 4 games away, rest 2

Fri, Jan 8 Utah (Memphis) 4 games away, rest 1

Tue, Jan 19 Indiana (Miami) 6 games away, rest 2

Fri, Jan 29 Chicago (New Orleans) 4 games away, rest 1

Tue, Feb 2 LA Clippers (Chicago) 7 games away, rest 3

Tue, Mar 2 Boston (Detroit) 4 games away, rest 2

Tue, Mar 16 Atlanta (new jersey) 5 games away, rest 1

Fri, Mar 19 Cleveland (Chicago) 4 games away, rest 1

Tue, Mar 23 Charlotte (Washington) 4 games away, rest 1


  1. No team will ever play 3 nights in a row so you'll always have at least a day of rest. Its possible that the system is restricted to when the team has 1 day of rest only before the home game which would reduce it to 6 situations it looks like. I'll check and get back to ya.

  2. thanks albert. do you have a history of how successful this system is?

  3. guy who came up with the system said that he prefers the 1 day of rest situation. Hes played it before with 2 days of rest but he doesn't make it a top play. Tryin to find out the record in previous season for the system...

  4. thanks man. you still bettin at all?

  5. very good work guys. thanks for posting this.