Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/4 World Series Game 6

L Phillies.
L Phillies 1st 5.
L Phillies under 9.5.
L Phillies 1st 5 under 5.

Playoff baseball: 10-7. +5.00 units

(i knew i was off somewhere, didn't count my win from 10/20)


  1. shoooot. im thinkin yanks and over.

    don't wanna bet either ML though so i might just take over. bats been heatin up lately and i think yanks cold bats was the reason for the low score last time pedro came out. not cuz he's that incredible.

  2. took 2 units on the over. stayin away from ML.

  3. dude you hit it right on man! yankess and over! good call