Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tell me what you think!

I've been slacking again on my picks because I am yet again overseas. However, tonight I have access to the internet so I am able to think about some plays. Here are my leans...please tell me what you think!

NCAAF: Week 8
Texas -13

NFL: Week 7
Falcons +4
What do y'all think of Texans -3? I haven't been able to follow as much as I want but its hard to believe they are favored...leaning on Niners.

Thanks for your feedback! Again just to disclaim...there is no method to the madness, I just go with my gut.

Record so far:
NCAAF- 3-1 / +1.814 units
NFL- 2-3 / -1.138 units


  1. i like the texas play. don't know about the OU play and it's OU -7.5, i was leaning the other way on that one